The 2016 Edition of Natural Gas in the World by CEDIGAZ was released on 5 december.

Topics covered by Natural Gas in the World 2016 include :

  • proved natural gas reserves
  • gross production, reinjection, flaring and other losses
  • marketed production
  • unconventional gas developments in the world
  • the international gas trade (pipeline & LNG)
  • existing and planned underground gas storage facilities in    the world
  • natural gas consumption
  • international natural gas prices
  •


    The updated 2016 edition includes for the first time the coverage of LNG storage in the world. The report includes detailed analyses of the latest developments and trends in the storage industry, CEDIGAZ’s Outlook to 2035 at regional and global levels, and extensive country analyses with complete datasets including current, under construction and planned UGS and LNG import facilities for more than 49 countries.

    49 countries surveyed - 500 pages, 104 tables, 103 charts & figures, 46 country maps.

    The CEDIGAZ LNG Service is a complete information service on the fast-moving LNG industry designed to support market analysis.

    Main features:
  • Extensive databases on LNG liquefaction and regasification projects, supply contracts, trade and prices
  • Monthly bulletins on imported volumes and prices
  • Outlooks and perspectives: Cedigaz' expert view on LNG market trends
  • Company reports

  • The CEDIGAZ LNG Service provides unique data, such as historical LNG sales by plants, specifically compiled and carefully cross-checked to offer LNG analysts a one-stop-shop solution.


    WHAT ARE THE PROSPECTS FOR LNG AS A FUEL?  Market Drivers / Perspectives / Existing and Planned Infrastructure

    LNG as a potential transport fuel, especially in shipping and trucking, is attracting considerable interest. This is mainly a reflection of the price advantage of LNG over oil based fuels, especially in the US where the shale gas revolution has driven gas prices to record lows. In the marine sector, the reinforcement of emissions regulations will force ship-owners to move to less polluting fuels or technology and LNG has a number of advantages over other compliance solutions.


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    Gunvor, ENI win Pakistan LNG contract (01/20/2017)

    Gunvor and Eni have won contracts to supply LNG to Pakistan. Pakistan LNG Limited opened the financial bids for the supply of 240 shipments of LNG January 19. Gunvor has bagged a five-year contract to supply 60 shipments while Eni has been awarded a 15-year ...

    SK E&S imports South Korea's first U.S. shale gas spot cargo (01/20/2017)

    Jan 20 South Korean gas and power company SK E&S Co Ltd took delivery of the country’s first spot cargo of shale gas imported from the United States in early January, two industry sources said on Friday. The arm of South Korean conglomerate SK Group ...

    US exports fill Asia's LNG demand gap (01/20/2017)

    Reuters are reporting that US LNG exporters are sending tankers to Asia to fill a gap in the region's demand, as markets have tightened more-than-expected on surging consumption in China and Pakistan as well as Australia's continuing struggles to ramp up scheduled ...

    Natural gas supplies to exceed 360 billion cubic meters by 2020 (01/20/2017)

    China's natural gas supplies will exceed 360 bcm by 2020 , according to the National Development and Reform Commission. Conventional natural gas is expected to see an increase of proven geological reserves by 3 trillion cu m by 2020. And, shale gas will grow ...

    Bulgaria, Serbia voice high hopes about gas pipeline (01/20/2017)

    Ministers of Bulgaria and Serbia have agreed a gas interconnector should become fully operational by 2020, helping both countries reduce their dependency on Russian energy. Bulgaria’s outgoing energy minister, Temenuzhka Petkova, and her Serbian ...

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