The 2016 Edition of Natural Gas in the World by CEDIGAZ was released on 5 december.

Topics covered by Natural Gas in the World 2016 include :

  • proved natural gas reserves
  • gross production, reinjection, flaring and other losses
  • marketed production
  • unconventional gas developments in the world
  • the international gas trade (pipeline & LNG)
  • existing and planned underground gas storage facilities in    the world
  • natural gas consumption
  • international natural gas prices
  •


    The updated 2016 edition includes for the first time the coverage of LNG storage in the world. The report includes detailed analyses of the latest developments and trends in the storage industry, CEDIGAZ’s Outlook to 2035 at regional and global levels, and extensive country analyses with complete datasets including current, under construction and planned UGS and LNG import facilities for more than 49 countries.

    49 countries surveyed - 500 pages, 104 tables, 103 charts & figures, 46 country maps.

    The CEDIGAZ LNG Service is a complete information service on the fast-moving LNG industry designed to support market analysis.

    Main features:
  • Extensive databases on LNG liquefaction and regasification projects, supply contracts, trade and prices
  • Monthly bulletins on imported volumes and prices
  • Outlooks and perspectives: Cedigaz' expert view on LNG market trends
  • Company reports

  • The CEDIGAZ LNG Service provides unique data, such as historical LNG sales by plants, specifically compiled and carefully cross-checked to offer LNG analysts a one-stop-shop solution.


    WHAT ARE THE PROSPECTS FOR LNG AS A FUEL?  Market Drivers / Perspectives / Existing and Planned Infrastructure

    LNG as a potential transport fuel, especially in shipping and trucking, is attracting considerable interest. This is mainly a reflection of the price advantage of LNG over oil based fuels, especially in the US where the shale gas revolution has driven gas prices to record lows. In the marine sector, the reinforcement of emissions regulations will force ship-owners to move to less polluting fuels or technology and LNG has a number of advantages over other compliance solutions.


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    Indonesia to purchase LNG, crude oil directly from UAE (05/19/2017)

    Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan and his United Arab Emirates (UAE) counterpart Suhail Mohammed Faraj Al Mazroui discussed Indonesia's intention to purchase liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and crude oil directly from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ...

    Traders brace for first winter without U.K.'s biggest gas store (05/19/2017)

    For the first time in more than three decades, natural gas traders, utilities and producers are preparing for a winter without the U.K.’s biggest storage facility. With Centrica Plc’s North Sea Rough storage site almost empty after wells deteriorated, the ...

    Gaz Métro and Port of Montreal announce LNG supply system (05/19/2017)

    Energy provider Gaz Métro and the Port of Montreal have announced that a liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply solution for marine fuel will now be available at the Port of Montreal, Canada. Following the inauguration of M/T Damia Desgagnés, the very first ...

    Gazprom to adjust gas extraction plan in 2017 due to demand growth in EU (05/19/2017)

    Russian energy giant Gazprom will correct its forecast for gas production in 2017 from the current 430 cubic meters due to an increased demand in the European market, Vitaly Markelov, deputy chairman of the company’s management committee, said Friday. ...

    Two LPG vessels turned away, shortage feared (05/19/2017)

    Distributors of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) have voiced fears that consumers could go short of LPG during Ramazan following refusal of SSGC LPG Limited, a subsidiary of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) that deals with importers, to handle two gas-carrying vessels. ...

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    Released: First Estimates 2016 (May, 2017)

    2016 experienced a moderate growth of 1.6% in global natural gas demand. Recent trends in natural gas demand illustrate the influence of mixed ...

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    Controlling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other environmental impacts while ensuring safe and affordable energy for ...

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    CEDIGAZ’ Natural Gas in the World 2016 report confirms the provisional estimates published early May, showing a moderate natural gas demand growth in 2015 for the third year ...

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    CEDIGAZ INSIGHTS: A lot of hot air? (June, 2016)

    According to the latest CEDIGAZ report, the gas for heating market in Europe, for many years a stable and growing demand ...

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    RELEASED: Underground Gas Storage & LNG Storage Market in the World 2015-2035 (May, 2016)

    The updated 2016 edition includes for the first time the ...

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