Annual survey 2017

Natural Gas in the World 2017 (Released - 27 october 2017)

  IN 2016, Europe and China gave new impetus to the global gas demand


EDITORIAL: CEDIGAZ Survey Natural Gas in the World 2017 confirms the first estimates published early May, showing a 1.6% growth in global gas consumption in 2016, which is in line with the past five-year average. In 2016, Europe contributed for the largest part of the global consumption growth. Since 2015, European gas consumption has returned to growth, mainly due to cold weather and coal to gas switching in the power sector. Global consumption is also boosted by emerging economies (chiefly China), which recorded a 3% growth in 2016 and 2015. Marketed production marked an abrupt halt in 2016 (+ 0.2%), which is mainly attributed to the US, where natural gas production fell for the first time since the US shale revolution began as gas (and oil) prices fell.

Natural Gas in the World is Cedigaz's annual study of global natural gas markets. The 2017 edition analyses Year 2016 and historic trends.

Topics covered by Natural Gas in the World 2017 include :

  • proved natural gas reserves
  • gross production, reinjection, flaring and others losses
  • marketed production
  • unconventional gas developments in the world
  • the international gas trade (pipeline & LNG)
  • existing and planned underground gas storage facilities in the world
  • natural gas consumption
  • international natural gas prices

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