Annual survey 2018

Natural Gas in the World 2018 (Released - 16 November 2018)

  IN 2017, global natural gas consumption surged by 3.5%, led by China


EDITORIAL: CEDIGAZ Survey Natural Gas in the World 2018 confirms the first estimates published early May, showing a strong expansion (+ 3.5%) of the world natural gas consumption in 2017, double the five-year average growth rate. Natural gas was the fastest-growing fossil fuel. By region, Asia-Oceania accounted for the largest increment in gas consumption (+ 42 bcm), followed by the Middle East (+ 27 bcm) and then Europe (+ 25 bcm). Consumption also increased significantly in the CIS (Russia). At the national level, China led the growth, with consumption surging 15% (+ 31 bcm). This trend illustrates the ongoing policy-driven transformation of the country's energy mix away from coal to cleaner fuels, including renewables and gas.

Natural Gas in the World is Cedigaz' annual study of the global natural gas market. The 2018 edition analyses Year 2017 and historical natural gas trends.

  • proved natural gas reserves
  • gross production, reinjection, flaring and other losses
  • marketed production (including unconventional gas)
  • international gas trade (pipeline & LNG)
  • natural gas consumption
  • international natural gas prices

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