Global LNG in 2023

Shifting Demand Patterns within Europe and Asia amidst Modest Global Supply Increases Driven by the US

In a less tight marked environment than in 2022, the global LNG market reached a new high in 2023, totalling 395.2 mt, an increase of 2% yoy. While European demand, including the United Kingdom and Türkiye, saw a marginal decline of 1% or 1.2 mt, the Asia-Oceania region experienced a modest growth, with imports climbing by 3% or 8 mt.

Towards European Shores: A Continuation of LNG Market Trends in Gas Year 2022-2023

LNG market report: 3rd Quarter 2023 and Gas Year 2022-2023

The 2022-2023 Gas Year that ended on September 30, showed a continuation of the main trends that emerged in 2021-2022. These developments are detailed in the latest CEDIGAZ LNG market report.