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Croatia to increase gas prices from April by 6.9 percent.

Croatia will increase natural gas prices for households by an average of 6.9% from April due to a rise in wholesale prices on the international market, the national energy regulatory agency HERA said on Friday.

HERA, in a statement announcing the average 6.9% price increase from April 1, also said the price from Jan. 1, 2020, would rise by an additional 0.3% because of higher distribution costs from that date.

Energy and Environment Minister Tomislav Coric said there would be no more price changes until April 2020.

“These changes mean a hike in monthly gas price for an average household by 20 kuna ($3.06). This (winter heating) season we haven’t had higher prices although the prices on the (wholesale) gas markets last year rose on average by 20%,” he said.

Croatia currently covers some 40% of its gas needs from exploitation of its own fields. It annually consumes some 2.7 billion cubic metres of gas.

It imports gas from Russia, but recently decided to construct a floating liquefied natural gas terminal in the northern Adriatic to diversify sources of gas imports. (February 11, 2019)

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