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Nord Stream II launch could be postponed for eight months due to Denmark's position

The delay will result in considerable expenditures.

The launch of Nord Stream II gas pipeline may be delayed. This is due to Denmark's stance on this issue, Reuters reported.

The outlet mentioned that the delay will most likely result in solid extra expenditures.

"The project's operator turned to the Danish government, indicating the price of the third route, which is assessed at the rate of 560 million Euros, and the expenditures for the new request for the said route make 100 million Euros", says the message.

The route of Nord Stream II should be crossing the waters of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. By now, all states but Denmark provided the necessary documents approving the route.

Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States and the USA stand against the implementation of this project. They urge the EU authorities to block it, claiming that Nord Stream II is actually a gas needle, which increases the dependence on Russian gas supplies. (August 9, 2019)