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30 Billion Cubic Metres of Gas Delivered from Vankor Cluster to Unified Gas Supply System.

RN-Vankor--the company of the Rosneft Oil Company production complex--has delivered 30 billion cubic metres of gas produced on the fields of the Vankor cluster to the Unified Gas Supply System.

The Vankor project commercial-grade gas has being treated and delivered for over five years. In 2015, the UGSS supplies reached the design capacity of 5.8 billion cubic metres per year. Vankor is equipped with one of the most ramified advanced systems of the gas collection, treatment, and transportation, as well as the utilization of associated petroleum gas.

The Rosneft-2022 Strategy focuses on the greenhouse gas emissions reduction, among other things. The Company is implementing an investment gas program to increase the utilization of associated petroleum gas to 95%. This is achieved through an integrated approach to field development: the creation of an infrastructure for the collection, use, and delivery of gas to consumers, or gas re-injection.

To implement the Vankor gas programme, the 108 km Vankor-Khalmerpayutinskoye gas trunk line was built, as well as compressor stations of low and high pressure, gas treatment units, infield gas pipelines, and life sustenance facilities. The gas facilities are equipped with modern devices featuring production process control and monitoring systems, and advanced Russian technologies and developments are widely used.

Thanks to the implementation of the gas program at Vankor, the APG utilization rate exceeds 95%, which also contributes significantly to environmental protection.

State-of-the-art technologies and advanced design solutions tested at the Vankor field are also being replicated at the Vankor cluster fields. Similar to Vankor, they provide for maximum utilization of associated petroleum gas.

The gas produced at Vankor also serves as fuel for the 200 MW Vankor Gas Turbine Power Plant, which provides the field facilities with electricity and heat. In addition, it is planned to launch another gas turbine power plant--150 MW Polyarnaya--to meet the growing energy needs of new fields of the Vankor cluster. (December 2, 2019)