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Petrobras sets new daily LNG regasification record in Brazil.

In June, Brazil’s Petrobras has imported 42 million cubic metres of LNG per day, which marks a new historical record.

This milestone was registered on 28 June 2021.

It enabled the total supply of 109 million cubic metres per day of LNG, said to be one of the highest volumes in recent years.

The volume comprises all the natural gas produced in the country, the portion received by the regasification terminals, and the volume imported from Bolivia, according to Petrobras.

This amount of regasified LNG is equivalent to the entire volume of domestic production injected by Petrobras into the currently integrated grid and more than double the volume of gas imported from Bolivia.

Brazil’s state-controlled oil and gas company said it has been adopting initiatives to increase the supply of LNG and guarantee the supply of the national market in a period of high demand. (July 21, 2021)

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