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Denmark withdraws permit for building Baltic Pipe section

New pipeline's delay can bring back Poland's dependence on Russian gas.

Danish Environment and Food Appeals Committee annulled an environmental permit for the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, due to possible damage to local bat and mice populations, as DW reports.

"The pipeline is planned to link Norwegian gas fields with Polish consumers from October 2022. The move is a setback for Poland's long-term and cross-party plans to shift away from dependence on Russian gas," the statement reads.

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It is noted that the delay potentially gives Moscow leverage in future gas contract negotiations. Thus, it can bring back Poland's dependence on Russian gas

Moreover, the longer and more controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that would bring Russian gas to Germany — the main reason why Warsaw has pushed so hard to finish the Baltic Pipe project — also struggled to gain permission to lay in Danish waters.

As it was reported earlier, the permit was issued in July 2019 for the 210 kilometre on shore section of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline on Danish territory. (July 22, 2021)