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QRC welcomes Bowen Basin gas pipeline proposal.

QRC Chief Executive, Ian Macfarlane, said the Queensland government’s release of its Bowen Basin Pipeline Concept Study followed six months of industry consultation, after the QRC and AMEC secured an election commitment to assess the feasibility of building a new gas pipeline in the Bowen Basin.

The study, released by Resources Minister, Scott Stewart 6 January 2022, found that providing a connection to gas markets would create multiple environmental and economic benefits for Queensland.

“Building a pipeline in the Bowen Basin could provide a much better connection from the region’s gas reservoirs to Queensland’s gas markets and deliver a welcome increase in gas supply,” Macfarlane said.

“Gas is an essential input for refining and smelting, so this pipeline could also add value to Queensland’s metals exports, and deliver improved environmental outcomes through better use of waste gas from existing coal mines, which will help lower emissions.

“The QRC is delighted to see infrastructure like this under consideration, and we welcome the state government’s commitment to work collaboratively with the Commonwealth in funding this important scoping study.

“If the pipeline proceeded it would provide new jobs and opportunities for Queenslanders, particularly in the regions, and will help our state recover from the long-term impact of the pandemic on the economy.” (January 14, 2022)