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Cedigaz reports

Derive your strategy from prime market knowledge

First Estimates

Showcasing the first released figures of the prior year’s natural gas markets, a highly anticipated and respected report for global gas analysts

Annual Statistical Report

The most complete worldwide gas market statistics

CEDIGAZ Insights

3 to 4 special investigations every year on key natural and renewable gas markets’ issues

Thematic Reports

In-depth research studies on targeted topics. Most recent reports deep-dived into: Annual Global Biomethane Survey (2023), Unaccounted for Gas in gas network utilities (2023), Top-100 Gas Strategic Pipelines (2022).

With the ongoing energy transition, gas markets are moving fast. While it can be hard to stand back from the day-to-day business, CEDIGAZ provides premiere access to the prior year’s statistics to members and sheds light on the most important topics.

Reports are researched and written for demanding professionals and can strongly support strategic plans.