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Zero Carbon Gas


July 2020 - 78 pages PDF format
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The new WORLD hydrogen economy

Since 2017, governments from 18 countries have adopted national hydrogen strategies for deploying clean (low and zero carbon) hydrogen energy solutions. Leading companies around the world are proactively investing in clean hydrogen and related technologies. The transition to clean hydrogen would create a significant step-change in hydrogen production technology in terms of scale and costs, making clean hydrogen solutions more attractive not only for industry, but also in all other sectors. Clean hydrogen is an emerging market. It is a key lever for achieving deep decarbonisation, specifically in hard-to-abate sectors like transport. It can tackle various critical energy challenges, including facilitating the large-scale integration of intermittent renewables, enabling grid balancing and seasonal storage. It can also help to improve air quality and strengthen energy security. Its potential is immense and future developments depend on energy and environmental policies, cost reductions and competition with other low-carbon options.



Cedigaz Insights N° 34 October 2019 - 67 pages PDF format
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Following a period of low activity and weakening interest in recent years, CCUS is back into the limelight, especially in the US and in Europe, in the wake of the Paris agreement, boosted by a growing interest in hydrogen, rising carbon prices, new supporting policies and new business models.

This report provides an update on CCUS globally with a focus on Europe and the US, the two leading areas for this technology.

  1. Introduction: CCUS is back on policy makers’ agenda
  2. Growing policy attention and support for CCUS
  3. Global status of CCUS
  4. Barriers, challenges and required policies
  5. United States: Growing carbon capture & CO2-EOR industry
  6. Renewed interest and policy support in Europe
  7. Conclusion

Global biomethane market: Green Gas Goes Global

Thematic studies - March 2019 - 140 pages - PDF format
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This report provides a detailed analysis of the booming biomethane market as governments around the world increasingly recognize the many benefits of renewable natural gas.

Since 2010, world biomethane production has increased exponentially, reaching three billion cubic meters in 2017 and there will soon be more than 1,000 biomethane production plants operating in thirty-four countries, up from 720 at year-end 2017.

For many years a European phenomenon, Green Gas is Going Global.

The report contains three parts:

  1. An overview of global biomethane production and markets, biogas upgrading plants, key drivers and future trends (region by region)
  2. Country reviews for forty countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Central & South America and Africa
  3. In-depth case studies on key developed and emerging biomethane markets, e.g. U.S., Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, China and India.

It complements the CEDIGAZ Global Biomethane Database