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October 2020 - 57 pages PDF format
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The dramatic developments in gas markets in 2019-2020, with an acute oversupply situation due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on demand and compounded by the massive increase of LNG supply from the US has stressed the fundamental importance of European Underground Gas Storage, assisted by Ukrainian UGS, to alleviate the imbalance of global gas markets. While until recently, UGS has mainly been developed in North America, Europe and the C.I.S., China is now on the fast lane for storage development. Russia, although the second global UGS capacity holder is still developing its storage infrastructure to serve both domestic and export markets.

This new report by CEDIGAZ provides an insightful review of storage activity in 4 key markets in 2020 and highlights the crucial role of UGS in balancing the global gas market as well as increasing security of gas supply in the context of rising geopolitical risks and trade tensions. The report also includes data on operating, under construction and planned facilities detailed by country.