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December 2021 - 47 pages PDF format
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This annual report assesses underground gas storage (UGS) in the world at the end of 2020. It is based and complemented by a comprehensive online database, including detailed statistical information on current and future capacities for the 661 UGS facilities in operation in the world and the 91 new projects under construction, planned or potential. Altogether, the database includes 51 countries. The database also includes information on closed, mothballed and inactive UGS facilities, as well as the expansion stages of UGS facilities, when this information is available (see Methodology). The database is available to CEDIGAZ’s members under the infrastructure section of CEDIGAZ website.

This report includes three parts. Due to the exceptional events on the gas (and energy) scene in 2021, this year’s report includes an analysis of the main causes of the elevated European and North Asian spot gas prices (Part 1). Then, the report gives an assessment of UGS key metrics in 2020 and their evolution compared to 2019. The third part reviews major trends in UGS in selected key markets: Europe, Ukraine, Russia, USA, and China. In addition, recent UGS construction activity is reviewed in South and Central America and the Middle East.