Cedigaz memberships

CEDIGAZ’s membership is open to companies, professional organizations and independent consultants.

Access to services is as simple as it can get : once a company or an organization is registered, any of its employees can benefit from the services subscribed.

And with the corporate subscription, every fully-owned subsidiary is granted the same service rights as the mother company. CEDIGAZ adapts to each company’s strategy with three service levels: a “Base” package, a “Standard” package and a “Premium LNG” Package.

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The right business intelligence resources for each business strategy

Base Standard Premium LNG
Member type Associate Full Full
Unlimited number of users
Voting rights at the General Meeting
Annual Gas Indicators by Country
Annual Trade Statistics
Pipeline Gas supply Contracts
Global LNG supply Contracts
Global Underground Gas Storage Database
Biomethane Plants
LNG Monthly Trade flows and prices
LNG Liquefaction Facilities
LNG Regasification Facilities
First Estimates
Annual Gas and LNG Statistical Report
CEDIGAZ Insights
Thematic Reports Member Discount Member Discount Member Discount
Daily Online News Selection
CEDIGAZ News Reports
News Archives