Terms of Use of the Cedigaz services


CEDIGAZ, whose registered office is 1 & 4 avenue de Bois Préau – 92500 Rueil Malmaison – France, is an international not for profit organisation created in 1961 by corporate and institutional members with a mandate to bring transparency to the global gaz market by providing comprehensive, accurate and reliable statistical data and analysis.
CEDIGAZ sells within its e-shop www.cedigaz.org/shop its publications and membership subscriptions.
By ordering publication(s) and/or membership subscription(s), the Client accepts and agrees to be bound by theses Generals Terms and Conditions
CEDIGAZ and the Client are individually referred as to the “Party” and collectively the “Parties”.

Defined terms used in these terms and conditions

“Client” means any entity including Member that has agreed the General Terms and Conditions and has made an order on CEDIGAZ e-shop
“e-shop” means CEDIGAZ e-shop accessible at CEDIGAZ web site www.cedigaz.org/shop
“General Terms and Conditions” or “GTC” means the present document
“Order” means any order for the Products made by the Client on the CEDIGAZ e-shop
“Products” means the publications, memberships and any others products that is provided on the e-shop
“Publication” means the publications written by CEDIGAZ whose access is provided via the e-shop to the Client
“Member” means any entity that has subscribed a membership subcription to CEDIGAZ


The purpose of the present GTC is to define the terms and conditions according to which CEDIGAZ, in return of payment, will provide the Client with the Products as ordered on the e-shop.

Access – Use – Contact

The access, the use and the purchase on the e-shop are restricted to legal entities.
CEDIGAZ reserves the right to occasionally interrupt the website services without justification or to suspend as a matter of right and for any reason whatsoever, at any time without prior notice, access for its clients to the e-shop and its services. CEDIGAZ cannot be held liable for the potential consequences on the Client activities.
For any question regarding CEDIGAZ web site and the e-shop, the Client may send an e-mail to contact.

Order process

The Client can order the Products throught the e-shop and/or as the case may be by email to the CEDIGAZ contact contact. For any first order of Products on the e-shop, the Client will create its client area.
The Order on line will be validated by CEDIGAZ provided that the Client has duly filled in the Order form, has accepted the present GTC and that its payment has been accepted.
As soon as Cedigaz has validated the Order, the Client will receive an email confirming the Order and including the download link to access to the Product as ordered.
The Client can also have access to the Products as ordered via its client area.

Special regulations for Membership Subscription

4.1. Subscriptions are valid for the current year.
4.2. At the end of each calendar year, CEDIGAZ will send by email, a request of membership payment to its Members in order to offer them to renew their membership for the following year.
4.3. Subscriptions are payable in advance. Payments must be made in full in order to make use of all benefits associated with the subscription, i.e. Products at reduced rates and package deals.
4.4. Payment is processed immediately by credit card for any subscriptions made and renew via the e-shop.
Any subscription or renewal made by post mail or email, payment is proceed by wire transfer in accordance with the details provided by CEDIDAZ in its email.

Financial terms


The prices related to an Order are those indicated at the time of the Order on the e-shop and during the order process. CEDIGAZ indicates the total amont of the Order in euros including VAT when applicable.
Orders are payable in euros.
Any change in the applicable VAT rate shall automatically be passed on the prices indicated.

Payment and invoicing

The payment of the totality of the price must be realized by the Client during the Order.
According to Article 4.4 of the GTC, Order made via the e-shop will be paid by the Client by credit card only and Order made via post mail or email will be paid by the Client by wire transfer in accordance with the details provided by CEDIDAZ in its email.
Processed payment invoice in pdf format is sent together with Product by CEDIGAZ on the email address given by the Client during the ordering process.
When approving the order form, the Client ensures that he has all authority needed to use such a method of payment by credit card.
In case of refused transaction by the payment center or in case of non payment, CEDIGAZ reserves the right to suspend or cancel the corresponding Order.
CEDIGAZ also reserves the right to refuse an Order made by a Client who has not fully paid for a previous Order or with whom a payment recovery procedure exists.

Intellectual Property

CEDIGAZ is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights relating to Products.
All of the information made available to the Client by CEDIGAZ within the framework of the e-shop are protected by copyright and / or by database law, in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.
Nothing in these GTC shall be understood as granting, expressly, by implication any rights in and to the Products to the Client except for the limited non-exclusive license granted in this article.
The Client may use the Product for internal use either electronically or otherwise, provided he does not disseminate or disclose it in any way to any third party without the prior express written consent of CEDIGAZ.
In case of violation of this clause by the Client, CEDIGAZ reserves the right to refuse an Order and/or to terminate the Membership Subscription automatically, without any formality, and at its sole discretion without prejudice of its other rights and remedies.

Warranties – Liabilities

CEDIGAZ makes no representation nor warranty in respect of infringement or allegations of infringement of any patent, copyright, design-right, mark for goods or services or other proprietary right of any third party, nor will grants to the Client any indemnity against costs, claims, damages, expenses or royalties arising from proceedings brought against the Client by any third party for infringement or alleged infringement of any such proprietary right. Nevertheless, this does not apply when such liability results from willful misconduct or gross negligence of CEDIGAZ.
The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Internet, and more generally any data transmission network used for data transmission purposes, may experience periods of saturation due to bandwidth congestion, cuts due to technical incidents or maintenance interventions, decisions by the companies managing the networks or any other events beyond the control of CEDIGAZ. Consequently, access to the e-shop and dowload Products being under the condition to have a functioning Internet connection, CEDIGAZ shall not be liable in the event of a malfunction or interruption of the services originating in events affecting communication networks, nor it shall be liable for any damage or loss of data due to malfunction of the networks.

Force majeure

CEDIGAZ shall be excused for not fulfilling its obligations and cannot be held responsible or liable for damages towards the Client if the non-fulfilment is due to a case of force majeure within the meaning of article 1218 of the French Civil Code.

Data protection – Privacy and cookies

CEDIGAZ is the controller of any personal data provided by the Client to log in and/or to register on the e-shop in CEDIGAZ collects these personnal data in order to fulfil its contractual obligations.
In particular, CEDIGAZ needs these data to handle orders, deliver the Products, process payments and to communicate with the Client as regards the contractual relationship.
CEDIGAZ’s policy on data protection, privacy and cookies is set out in its privacy note which is incorporated by reference into these GTC and which should also be read.


The Parties agree to fight against corruption in all of its forms, whether public or private, active or passive, both with respect to its suppliers and subcontractors and its customers.
In such regard, the Parties agree to comply with the French anti-bribery laws as well as the analogous laws applicable to the Parties if all or a portion of the GTC are to be performed abroad
The Parties represent and warrants that they have not given or offered, directly or indirectly, a sum of money or any other advantage, whether pecuniary or not, to anyone whomsoever, in relation to the procurement and/or the performance of the GTC or facilitating its performance.
The Parties undertake to keep all accounting documents and other evidence of payments made or received and expenses incurred by them in connection with the Order during its term and at least three (3) years from the date of expiry or termination of the Order.
Each Party or a third party appointed by it shall have the opportunity to audit such documents, subject to reasonable notice to ensure compliance by the other Party with the provisions of this clause.
In case of violation of this clause by one of the Parties, the other Party reserves the right to suspend, for a period not exceeding three (3) months; and/or terminate the Order and or to terminate the Membership Subscription automatically, without any formality, and at the sole discretion of the said Party.

Miscellaneous – litigation

The GTC are governed by French law.
The Parties agree that any disputes that may arise in connection with the interpretation, performance or validity of the GTC, which have not been amicably resolved by the Parties within one month of their occurrence shall be settled by express agreement by the competence of the exclusive jurisdiction of Nanterre Courts (France).