Terms of Use of the Cedigaz services


Intellectual property

Member agrees and acknowledges that the CEDIGAZ Services and all parts thereof are the intellectual property of CEDIGAZ.
In particular, but without limitation, the works, publications and databases included in the content of the CEDIGAZ Services are protected by copyright or other applicable laws.
Any unauthorized reproduction or other use of content from the CEDIGAZ Services not specifically authorized under Section 4 herein will constitute wilful infringement of CEDIGAZ’s copyright and/or other proprietary and intellectual property rights and will result in immediate suspension, without refund or any compensation, of Member access to CEDIGAZ Services pending its exclusion from CEDIGAZ Members by the Board of Administration of CEDIGAZ.
The above notwithstanding, CEDIGAZ intends to enforce its intellectual property rights in full, including by taking legal proceedings in the event of any infringement.

CEDIGAZ Services

CEDIGAZ Services means the CEDIGAZ publications, products, services, archives, databases and any other content of the CEDIGAZ website as well as any material provided by CEDIGAZ to Member such as, but not limited to, e-mails, e-mail attachments and printed reports.

Authorised Users

Authorised Users are:
a) for Associate, Corresponding and Full Members: the employees of Member,
b) for Corporate Full Members : the employees of Members and Affiliates; “Affiliates” meaning entities that are under control of Member such that Member has both the legal and practical ability to ensure their compliance with the terms of the Terms of Use of the Cedigaz Services herein.


The use of CEDIGAZ Services is strictly restricted to Authorised Users.
In addition, Authorised Users may use graphs or tables from CEDIGAZ Services, or produced using data from CEDIGAZ Services, in conferences presentations with a clear indication of CEDIGAZ as the source of the material or the information.
Publication of material or information from CEDIGAZ Services, or produced using data from CEDIGAZ Services, in books or studies distributed to third parties that are not Authorised Users is subject to prior authorisation given by the General Secretary of CEDIGAZ.
Authorisation must be requested by email and will be answered in the same way.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no content from the CEDIGAZ Services may be :
(i) used in conjunction with any systems or applications that enable data mining, text mining, trend analysis or program or algorithmic trading or that display, retrieve, index or store any content from the CEDIGAZ Services separately from the CEDIGAZ Services as published by CEDIGAZ; or (ii) stored in any shared electronic archive or database.